About Fissa 2013


The inspiration for this party originated during a trip to Walibi Holland that was planned on a drunk evening. We decided that it would be a waste not to execute this great plan of ours, so we decided to make it a reality. And so this website was made to expand our reach.


We don't believe the bullshit that parties become boring after college. In our future we see a job that will certainly earns us more money than we have today. We are students after all. This extra money may just as well be spent on beer, and like everybody already knows: More beer, is more better.


Fissa 2013 is organised by alumni, for alumni. If you went to college during the year 2013 and are missing the awesome times that we were all having,
this will be the place to be.


The year 2013

The year 2013 was a very Dutch year. Nothing of importance really happened. And that is why it is the perfect theme for this party.

During your time here, you will remember how nice and simple life was back then. How there was time to do almost anything you wanted to. You could organise parties like this, or just go to parties like this and like this is how we will relive those awesome memories and feelings of the past.


An extra hour

All this awesomeness will be happening during the night of the 28th of October and the morning after. This date wasn't chosen at random for this is the date that daylight saving time will start. Which means we'll have a whole extra hour to put to our advantage.

Neither of the starting or ending times have been picked yet, but one can expect this party to go on untill the late break of day.

As far as communication goes, we're not sure what medium we will still be using in the year 2023. With this in mind we though it best to just use all platforms that we could thing of at the moment. If you know of any another calendar or social media, please let us know and we'll add it to the list.





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The best of 2013

We have already sent invites to the following artists:

Kees van Hondt

Like all of us know, Kees has the power to lift every party up to the sky. Trees, inflatable animals and various other props will start flying through the air. Any party that Kess attends will be unforgetable.


Thanks to the dynamic brothers from Norway, everybody finally knows the mystical sounds made by the fox. With their great songs with deep philosophical meaning about Stonehenge and the truckers hitch, we certainly can't leave them out.


With his hard drum an raw bass Netsky will make you feel the music throughout your entire body. He might not have produced much this year, but all of his sets were a great success.

Currently only Kees has responded. He has made an entry into his calendar. The remaining artists have yet to respond and are not yet confirmed in any way.


Somewhere in Amsterdam

Just to be clear, there is no location yet. According to the current plan, Amsterdam will be the location of choice but things could just as well turn out differently. Time has a habit of changing stuff and because of this, the exact location will have to be announced after a few years have passed.


The Fantastic Four.

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. And these 4 people have been fighting that tyranny.

James T. Kirk

James is the founder of our small agency. He is the force behind all the creativity that happens here.

Cat Woman

Cat is the woman responsible for most of the graphic design. She is also a famous superheroine by night.

Dick Grayson

Dick is the best developer out there. His skills are unmatched and the stuff he does is simply amazing.

Masterchef World

Masterchef is the inhouse gourmet chef. His skills are unmatched and what he does is simply amazing.

We are hiring!

Join us and explore the world! Drop an email at joinus@sunshine.theme

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